Where are you using your NTI Global Dog Agility Products? Check it OUT!


We want to hear from you! We want to see YOUR dogs enjoying OUR products! Standard Tunnels, TUFF Tunnels, Tunnel Tamer Bags, Chutes, Carriers, Anchor Bags and more! Where are you using your NTI Global Dog Agility Products? Send us a photo of your dog, or dogs using our NTI Global dog agility products along with the following information to be added to our DOGS of the USA Agility Map! Check back frequently as we will be updating our map here at this blog post page often. Share our page with your family, friends, or agility family and friends, trainers, coaches, mentors, clubs, training centers, competitors, agility groups, etc. This map is for anyone using our NTI Global products to teach, train, or who enjoy agility with their favorite PUP! 

1) Photo

2) Dog(s) Name(s)

3) City, State 

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It's that easy. You send the information and we PLOT it on the map. And before you know it, we will be seeing agility pop up, and plot out all over the place! YOUR RED PLOT can be added next! What are you waiting for?! 

DOGS of the USA Agility Map!


Lewis, from Oklahoma... who likes his stuff from NTI Global! 

The Blue Dogs: Gypsy and Jester, from Idaho.

Please note: Your photos will be used here on our BLOG below, on our website, and social media sites, for promotion of our product offerings and DOGS of the USA Agility Map, thank you.