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Standard Tunnel Tamer Bags - 1 pair

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    Made to order. Standard production time: 3 Weeks.

    Tunnel Tamer bags are sold as a pair. If you are looking to cover both ends of your tunnel, please order 2 pairs of Tunnel Tamer Bags.

    STANDARD Tunnel Tamer Bags are made to fit our standard 24" diameter tunnels ONLY. If you are looking for Tunnel Tamer Bags for our TDAA Tunnels, please contact NTI Global Customer Service by calling 1-800-947-7767, Ext. 116

    NTI Global Tunnel Tamer TIPS ViDEO: Watch our YouTube product video for ideas and suggestions on how to properly use your Tunnel Tamer Bags! 

    Our new Tunnel Tamer(TM) Bags are a here! You asked for an easier way to fill your bags and secure your tunnels - enter the Tunnel Tamer! Made from the same material as our tunnels they are mildew, rot, and UV resistant. See photos for added details including: Industrial Velcro, Webbing, and high strength thread.  ((1 Pair recommended for each end of a tunnel.))

    • An American Company Producing American Quality For Over 30 Years!
    • Match your tunnel with the same color tunnel bags!

    *Tunnel sold separately.

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    1. Tunnel tamer bags

      Good product. The only comment I can think of is that it seemed to take a little longer than the last time I ordered from NTI. on 18th Apr 2016

    2. Love the purple!

      I purchased 2 sets of tunnel tamers to secure at 16 foot tunnel I also purchased. I filled each bag pocket with a 1 gallon ziplock bag of sand as per instructions on the NTI website. Since I only recentlyfreceived both products they haven't been put to the real test yet. My wife thinks we need more weight per bag as they seem light compared to other tunnel bags she has lugged around in competitions. But these are for training our 1 dog so it may be enough. The bags themselves were easy to fill with the weight and have nice handles to carry them with, and appear to be very well made. on 23rd Dec 2015

    3. great

      the spot to put sandbags or water bottles is large enough that it makes it very easy to load. on 20th Nov 2015

    4. Well made tunnel bags.

      I would have given the bags 5 stars, but I would suggest putting the handles on the same side as the opening to insert the bag weights you use. Rationale: would like those openings against the tunnel and not on the outside (so they don't collect water), but would also like the handles against the tunnel as well (just in case a crazy flying dog got a foot stuck in a handle). Otherwise, great product! (maybe there is another reason they are designed this way, but this is my opinion. Thanks for a great product! on 24th Sep 2015

    5. Much improved

      The new tunnel bags are so much better than the older ones. The attachment straps on my old ones were too short, and we were always having to adjust them. The new attachment straps are longer and much easier to use with a fast border collie. (I don't guess you are offering an exchange program for the old ones?) on 18th Jun 2015

    6. New model Tunnel Tamer Bags

      Received the new and improved tunnel bags and love them. Much more secure that the old model. I expect them to last as long as my first pair of tunnel bags from this company, 11 years of outside wear. I will have to say that the bags I bought from them a year ago were not as sturdy as my old ones as the handles are coming off. on 3rd Jun 2015

    7. decent quality at a good price---best value

      My wife and I own "Agility at the Farm inc." Our bags are used attached and moved and re-attached constantly we have 5 or 6 instructors depending of time of year with about 25 classes per week in my building each class with 8-10 students per class. We have lots of set ups and take downs. We also have 25-30 individual renters during the week as well as at least one trial per month on the week ends with many months having two trials. I currently have about 20 sets of tunnel bags that are at least 5 years old. I have had only two bags fail (rip) which was due to misuse. The valcro is still perfect . I am beginning to see a little wear so I will replace about 50 % of my bags this year and the rest next year. lots of use and handling they seem to take a lot of abuse and still work and look good on 21st May 2015

    8. They work great!

      I like my tunnel tamer bags! The colors match my tunnel. I fill large ziplock storage bags with sand and put the bags of sand in the tunnel tamer. It's less messy and keeps the tunnel tamer clean inside. on 6th Apr 2015

    9. Wide is better

      Love the bags, doesn't take much sand for them to secure the tunnel even with a powerful dog charging through. Some of my purchase went toward a set that didn't take the sun and heat as well as the others. Wide material is much better than the single straps...does not bind up the tunnel on 23rd Feb 2015

    10. New Tunnel Tamer Bags

      I would love to use them but have search for the sand bags for inside and do not find them so have not used them yet. :O( on 28th Jan 2015

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    • NTI Global Tunnel Tamer TIPS!
      Learn the proper way to fill your Tunnel Tamer Bags from NTI G...

    NTI Global Tunnel Tamer TIPS!

    Learn the proper way to fill your Tunnel Tamer Bags from NTI Global! Shop Tunnel Tamers and Agility Equipment today! Visit:
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