Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions!

Take a look to see if we can help answer any questions you may have about our NTI Global dog agility products!

1) Where are your agility products made?

An American Company Producing American Quality For Over 30 Years! Manufactured from our facility in Upstate, New York. 


2) Are your products in stock? When will I receive my order?

Unless otherwise notated, all products are made to order and subject to a 3 week production period. Once produced, orders are shipped and processed by UPS, FedEx or Freight Carrier of our choice from NTI Global headquarters in Amsterdam, NY.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Made to order. Production lead time: Due to COVID-19 related closures, our manufacturing processes has slowed. We appreciate your patience during these extended lead times. Chat online for more details.


3) In Stock items vs Build Your Own/Made to Order

Most NTI Global Dog Agility Items are made to order and subject to a 3 week production period. If an item is notated as "In Stock" you will receive shipping confirmation within 3 business days.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Made to order. Production lead time: Due to COVID-19 related closures, our manufacturing processes has slowed. We appreciate your patience during these extended lead times. Chat online for more details.


4) Why does my order say "Awaiting Shipment"

"Awaiting Shipment" means that your order is still in production and has not shipped yet. Made to order items may take up to 3 weeks to produce, while "In Stock" items will ship within 3 business days.


5) Do you have an online chat? When is it open?

We do! Our online chat is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. If our chat operator is unavailable, please leave your contact information in the space provided and our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. 


6) How many pairs of tunnel bags do I need? 

 The number of pairs (covers one end of tunnel) depends on the skill level of your dog(s). If you are just entering agility and have a dog that is nervous about entering the tunnel, we strongly recommend a pair for the entrance. The bags will help steady the tunnel, so when the dog enters the tunnel it does not get scared when it moves. If you have a dog(s) that is more advanced and both enters and exits the tunnel with high speeds we recommend 2 pairs (one for each end). Often when dogs are at mid point in the tunnel their body weight, combined with their speed, can start to roll the tunnel slightly. Having a pair of bags at the exit can aid in helping the dog exit in the correct direction. 


7) What is “pitch”? 

 Pitch is the spacing between the rings on the tunnels. (Rings are the black or white strips that secure the wire and vinyl together). Some associations have specifications that require or recommend spacing. 


8) Do you know the pitch/space requirements for the associations? 

 NADAC and USDAA both require 4” pitch. AKC recommends 4”. CPE does not specify. We offer 6” pitch as an alternative for practicing in your backyard, local club, or just for fun! 


9) Do you offer a practice dog agility tunnel? 

Our motto is “Safety before Savings!” You may find ‘practice’ tunnels on other web sites and even as toys for children. These tunnels are typically made of a light weight nylon fabric and weigh between 9-12lbs. We do not recommend these tunnels for two main reasons: · A good tunnel is a staple in any agility course. Tunnels made of a low grade fabric can cause your dog to develop bad habits. A low grade fabric tunnel will not give the support needed for the dog to run as fast as it can. When a dog runs through a tunnel (especially boarder collies, terriers, and retrievers) it often, through centripetal force, runs on the side of the tunnel. This allows them to maintain their high speed through the entire tunnel. However, if the tunnel’s fabric, such as the practice tunnels described, can not sustain the dog’s weight, they will naturally learn to slow down while running through it. This can carry over to ALL tunnels, not just when you practice! · The fabric that practice tunnel s are generally made of can rip during use. Dogs that are used to training on competition grade tunnels (coated vinyl), may enter one of these practice tunnels at normal speed which can cause a tear in the fabric along a seam. The next dog to enter may get caught on this tear, and could be harmed. 


10) I don’t know if I should get a Standard Tunnel or a Tuff™ Agility Tunnel. Help? 

The best way is to answer the questions below: 

· Do you plan on using the tunnel for a dog just beginning agility? 

· Will you be using it indoors? 

· Will it be in direct sunlight for less than 4 hours a day? 

· Are the ground conditions soft (grass)? 

· Will you be securing the ends from movement while in use? 

If you answered “Yes” to 3 or more of the above questions, we think a Standard Tunnel will work just fine. Not sure still? Here are some more questions: 

· Do you live in AZ, TX, CA, WY? 

· Will you be training more than 2 dogs with it? 

· Do you have dogs that are over 60lbs? 

· Will it be used in a training class on a regular basis? 

· Will it be used in a competition? 

· Are the ground conditions rocky and abrasive? 

If you answered “Yes” to 3 or more of the second set of questions, we think a Tuff™ Tunnel is in order. The Tuff™ Tunnels are designed to hold up against added UV exposure, heavy use in training centers, competition, and rocky terrain. Still not sure? Give us a call at 800-947-7767 x 125


11) Do you ship internationally? If so, what is the cost?

Yes, NTI Global ships dog agility products all over the world! In order to determine a shipping cost to your exact location we ask that you call 800-947-7767 x125 or email to request a shipping quote for your location. Our tunnels are proudly used in the United States, Canada, Hawaii, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Mexico, Ireland, and more! Don't see your location here? Don't worry, we ship there! 


12) Do you still sell the HOT Pink Tunnels? 

Great question! At this time, we do not sell HOT Pink Tunnels. They were sold during the fall season to help promote breast cancer awareness and funds were donated to help the cause! While we don't sell them on a everyday basis, we are all about feedback! So, if you would like to see the HOT Pink Tunnels brought back and sold in the fall season, please let our customer service department know. The more feedback we receive, the more likely you will see these tunnels in the future. 


13) Do you have questions on how to fill your NTI Global tunnel tamer bags? 

We can help with that. Check out our informational video on tunnel tamer bags for our tips for filling, and storing your tunnel bags! It's the third video on our product video page! 


14) I'm an International Customer, what currency will you be charging me in? The country I live in or U.S. dollars?

All NTI Global dog agility orders will be charged in U.S. Dollars. 


15) Is there any difference between black, white, or purple ribs / rings on my dog agility tunnel?

The same high quality ribs / rings appear on ALL NTI Global dog agility tunnels. We simply sell three colors. The more colors, the more choices you have to build your very own, custom tunnel. Enjoy! 


16) Do you ever have sales on your tunnels or dog agility products?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We heavily promote our sales on our website and social media pages. Follow us, tweet us, like us, and more! We even sometimes have FLASH SALES which occur for 6 hour short burst time periods that highlight one specific item with a % off on it. Also, social media followers sometimes get early deals and hear about specials, so follow us today! Have more specific questions about our sales? Ask our customer service department more information here: 


17) Can I place my order over the phone with a credit card instead of using

Yes. M-F 8:30am - 5:00pm, 800-947-7767 x125, customer service representatives will be able to help you place an order over the phone. 


18) Do you have tunnel tamers for TDAA tunnels? 

Yes. Please purchase the tunnel tamers on our website, and in the notes section add that you need them to be sized for TDAA. We will take care of the rest!